Exhibition view.






Its an installation piece that manifests itself in the form of an artificial ecosystem. My interest in this project was in making a non-local sculpture. By non-locality, I mean a type of work whose effects can be perceived in the aesthetic aspects of work, as well as measured in a global dimension, or expanded both temporally and spatially. The idea of ​​generating a living ecosystem, conceived mainly as a space to be inhabited by a diversity of plant and microbiological beings, is in turn a carbon dioxide capture bank that affects the composition of the planetary atmosphere, generating minimal variation regarding climate change and therefore in the way it is deployed.


"In a previous post, I argued that hyperbjects are slimy: they stick to you no matter how hard it is to try to get away, making ironic distance obsolete. Now I will argue that they are also non-local. In other words, hypero objects are massively distributed in time and space so that any particular (local) manifestation never reveals the entire hyper object. "(Timothy Morton in arcade)


As Morton himself describes it in the previous quote, my sculpture fails to reveal the hyperobject of climate change in its own code, but rather expresses it in the form of a living ecosystem, in which the beings that inhabit it are self-constructed with carbon emissions that have been "massively distributed" on a planetary basis and throughout the time period that we call anthropocene.